Tuesday 27th June 2007

Broadwood Loch, Cumbernauld, 2100 - 2300 hrs
Birds on the loch included a pair of Great Crested Grebes with 2 well grown chicks as well as another pair on nest, pair of Little Grebe with 1 juv, female Mute Swan with 5 cygnets, 22 Canada Geese with a hybrid Canada x Barnacle Goose along with them and 2 Grey Heron. In the woodland area of the park a pair of Tawny Owls had 3 well grown young and an adult Barn Owl was seen hunting along a woodland break.

Mammals seen included a Buck Roe Deer, 2 Pipistrelle Bats and a Daubenton's Bat over the loch

Alexandra Park, Dennistoun, 18th June 2007

I saw the 2nd summer Gull above with Lesser Black-backed Gulls at the boating pond in Alexandra Park, Dennistoun, Glasgow 1t 1645 hrs. It's mantle was around the same shade of grey as a Common Gull's and it was also slightly larger than the Lesser Black-backs. It had a pale window in the inner primaries and a solid sub-terminal tail band suggesting Yellow-legged Gull but I'm not entirely sure (the tertial pattern and size are putting me off sligntly). The orbital ring was reddish and the legs were starting to go yellow again suggesting Yellow-legged Gull. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with a good knowledge of Yellow-legged Gulls for there input in to the ID of this bird. I have seen many Yellow-legged Gulls but most were certainly larger than this bird and have been mainly adults

Photos from yesterday (4th June 2007)

(Greater) Scaup at Hogganfield Loch on 4th June.

Image above left: Note the obvious difference in size and structure between the drake Scaup and the drake Tufted Duck. The broad beamed body and broad rounded head is very obvious on the Scaup.
Image above right: Note the obvious white outer wing bar extending on to the primaries with no real contrast with the inner part of the bar.

Monday 4th June 2007

Hogganfield Loch - 0815/1020 hrs
Went up to Hogganfield Loch and indeed there was a drake (Greater) Scaup present; the light was again dreadful but managed to get a few decent shots (I hope!!!!, haven't seen them on computer yet). Met Bernie Zonfrillo and Tommy Daniels who subsequently checked Frankfield Loch and Gadloch but with no luck. There seems to be a movement of waterfowl at the moment so who knows what could turn up next. There were also a pair of Gadwall on the loch, they were at the NE side of the island and also a Chiffchaff calling from the island.

Saturday 2nd June 2007

Above: drake Lesser Scaup on Hogganfield Loch, note the obvious contrast between the grey primary stripe and the white stripe on the secondaries. It also has a "taller", narrower head than would be seen on(Greater) Scaup.
Hogganfield Loch - 2000/2045 hrs
Stopped off at Hogganfield Loch to have a quick look around and was surprised to see a drake Lesser Scaup associating with two drake Tufted Ducks. It was very flighty and every time the drake Tufted Ducks flew the Lesser Scaup went with them, they flew along the loch and around the island a couple of times before settling down to feed again.
A few people went out today (3rd June) and saw a drake (Greater) Scaup on the loch so will be going out for a look tomorrow as this is almost certainly a different bird, this bird is apparently coming close in off the car park (possible photo opportunity!!!!).