Buchanan Bus Station, 2330hrs, 25th February

47 Pied Wagtails roosting in trees on the south side of the bus station, opposite entrance to John Lewis.

Heritage Loch on Friday 23 February

ABOVE: aberrant Male Tufted Duck

The strange Tufted Duck (see post from 12th January 2006) on the loch now appears more like a male Tufted Duck, the eye is unusualy dark and the bill is still very unusual. Looks as if it may be a 1st year male with deformed bill but cant explain the darker eye.
There were 26 Tufted Ducks, 2 male Pochard, 7 Mute Swans (resident pair + 3 imms and a visiting pair being harassed by the resident pair), 1 imm Cormorant, 11 Lapwing and 2 Oystercatchers there.

Westfield Road, Cumbernauld on 20 February

I spotted a Barn Owl flying along Westfield Road (700 yards from roundabout at Mollins Road), Westfield, Cumbernauld at 0130hrs. The first Barn Owl I've seen in the Clyde Area for some time.

Buchanan Bus Station, 18th February at 0300hrs

Around 200 Pied wagtails were roosting in the trees on the south side of Buchanan Bus Station at 0300hrs.

Finnieston Crane, 13th February

The female Peregrine was sitting on top of the Finnieston Crane as I was leaving work at 1630hrs, first time I'v seen it there this year.

River Kelvin on 8th February

Walked along the Kelvin from Kelvingrove Park to Wyndford Road in Maryhill at 1645hrs. There were 3 singing Grey Wagatails along the river as well as 9 (inc. 5 drake) Goosander just upriver of Queen Margaret Bridge at the Botanic Gardens. Some birds are starting to sing including Song Thrush, Great Tit and Wren, spring isn't too far away now!!!

Garnqueen Loch, Genboig

ABOVE: Poor record shot of the 1st winter Mediterranean Gull on Garnqueen Loch

Visited Garnqueen Loch at 1300hrs, the 1st winter Mediterranean Gull was there but it wouldn't come in very close so only managed a couple of poor record shots. There were 2 male and a female Shoveler and a male Ruddy Duck as well as the usual Tufted Ducks, Pochard, Goldeneye, Mallard, Coot and Moorhen.

Broadwood Loch, Cumbernauld

ABOVE: Male Red-breasted Merganser at Broadwood Loch

Went for a walk around Broadwood Loch, Cumbernauld from 0940hrs - 1215hrs. There were 3 Cormorants, 3 Herons, 37 Mute Swans, 20 Mallards, 16 Tufted Ducks, 7 Goldeneye, 11 Goosander, male Red-breasted Merganser, 13 Coot and 5 Moorhens on the loch. A male Sparrowhawk was hunting overhead as I was leaving.